Schweers at Intertraffic, Amsterdam

Identification, Integration and Communication was the theme of 2008 participation of Schweers at Intertraffic.

Intertraffic, held from April 1st, till 4th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is the world´s largest trade show in Traffic and Mobility. Again Schweers did participate with it´s own booth in Hall 2 exhibiting the latest developments and innovation in Handheld Enforcement. I can assure you, it is a fabulous show with most
international participation. It is shear unbelievable how many different nations show up and also how many different languages you will need. As communication and interaction is important to us, we are proud having been able to communicate in English, German, French, Netherlands, Spanish and Portuguese. As we use to say, at Intertraffic you will use all the languages you know, and even those you do not know.

We and our Partners did successfully demonstrate the world´s strongest enforcement solution, Politess, X600 and Ticketman.

So we invited our customers and prospects to come and see and taste the new Ticketman. For sure the best enforcement PDA ever and the first time we demo the integrated 1.3MPixel camera.
We do invited to come and see PortAL, the Officers personal Alarm and communication portal for data and voice in a unique combination with Ticketman and Politess X600.
We do invited to come and see the integration of Politess and Ticketman with VMS´s PODS, Parking Overstay Detection System. This is efficiency in enforcement.
We do invited to come and see the X600 with implemented WLAN, RFId Reader and newly released 4Ah battery and share our knowledge about the usage of RFId,  Barcodes, OCR and LPR in enforcement.

And we are very pleased you did follow our invitation and saw us in Amsterdam. It is the communication with you which helps us being innovative as we are.

Yes, even in the 20th year of Schweers, there is much going on at Schweers. This said, I like to thank our Customers, Partners and Friends for their/your support during the past 20 years. I am very much looking forward to continue as fresh, dynamic, innovative and market leading as during the past 20 years.



Michael Schweers
Managing Director