Professional Tools for Professional Code Enforcement

Technology-wise a lot has happened in mobile computing over the past 20 years. Schweers was the first to introduce data storage cards, infrared data communication lateral enter keys and build printing into a handheld mobile computer - standards which now to be found with most computers. Mass markets and production have helped systems get smaller and cheaper. Almost daily we receive requests for new peripherals to be integrated, like license plate reading, radio communication, barcode reading, RFID and other technology. 


Technology has developed so fast, that it is quite difficult for decision-makers to keep track. Especially as the enforcement section of a city has traditionally never been seen as a technology driver but rather it is dependent on more general decisions relating to technology, like what kind of WAN communication shall be incorporated, will the city be covered with WLan or in the near future. Will CDMA, GPRS/Edge or 3G offer enough bandwidth to support the cities on-street demand and services. Considering the special situation of public service where an investment has to last for several years, any purchased product shall be serviced and supported for that period.

As a result of a strong development and ergonomic design process Schweers’ applications and hardware devices as well as services have been successfully developed to be the world leader in long lasting professional tools for professional law enforcement.

As we listen to you we will continuously be able to provide you with dedicated products guaranteeing your efficiency and compliance with today and tomorrow’s requirements in professional law enforcement.