Pods - Parking Overstay Detection System

Pods obtains anonymous significant data and statistics on the frequency and fluctuation of your parking area, which can be taken into account in assignment planning and monitoring. This creates more time to focus on other critical points such as kindergarden and schools.


This is how Pods works
When a vehicle is parked, two geomagnetic wave sensors register the beginning and end of a parking time. In combination with individual programming they automatically detect an overstay and store the occupancy data for later retrieval and evaluation.
Instead of checking every vehicle individually, a possible overstay is indicated to the traffic monitoring employee optically and acoustically. By means of a portable mobile computer, such as the Schweers X600 or Ticketman, the corresponding traffic offence ticket can be issued after the suspicion of a parking overrun is confirmed by a check of the parking disc.
All the relevant data from the ground sensor is transmitted to the mobile computer.
At the same time a transmission of the stored data occurs from the geomagnetic field sensors to a pods web service, in addition to a file number in  order to secure evidence.



Ground sensor for vehicle recognition.
The PVC container with innovative technology, whose dimensions are about 7 x 3,5 cm works with batteries. It is set approximately 2-3 cm beneath the surface of a parking bay. By means of geomagnetic wave sensors, vehicle movements are recognized, stored and passed on in a diameter of 15-10 m to readers specially provided for this purpose. Pods leaves the road appearance unchanged and does not require any additional technical installations.