Code Enforcement

Professional Enforcement Solutions

A recent IDC study states that mobile computing is the most important component of any information processing system for the future.  And really, taking a close look in our daily life, you will recognize that there are more and more mobile computing systems and that these systems are more and more closely linked to a strong back-end system.

Parking management and enforcement were amongst the first really benefitting from mobile computing.

Decriminalization helped to create dedicated enforcement teams taking care of all managed parking of a city. This includes ticketing, towing, sanitation, animal control and any violation you can find in your code-book. This concept has now developed around the world with teams receiving extended tasks far beyond their original capacity as parking-enforcement officers. Today we often talk to law enforcement officers.

The on-street appearance of officers and Police is considered a security measure of the city, making people feel more comfortable and safe. So although an officer’s major job is about enforcement, which is sometime by the public seen as a punishment, they are now also seen as performing a much broader range of services that benefit the community. Officers in many places are now trained for community services and conflict resolution.

Considering the special situation of public service where any investment has to last for years even a decision for an electronic parking and law enforcement solution shall well considered. Therefore it is our task as a developer, industry leader and specialist of handheld based law enforcement solutions to assist and support our clients.

As we listen to you we will continuously be able to provide you with dedicated solutions guaranteeing your efficiency and compliance with today and tomorrow’s requirements in professional law enforcement.