Politess in Turkish

Traf-tec is Schweers Politess distributor.

Like everywhere in the world also in Turkey people do not always follow the local parking rules. Well, that certainly cannot be prevented entirely. The Smart & Handheld Government products and solutions from Schweers Informationstechnologie GmbH however are well known and reliable tools in public life for Parking Enforcement, General Code Enforcement as well as Parking Services and Management.


With effect from 07/15/2011 Schweers has a partnership agreement with the company Traf-tec traffic technologies LTD, Sisli / IST and is looking forward to the early use of Politess in Turkish. Traf-tec is a proven and successful Turkish partner of the companies Gatsometer and Bredar. The expansion of the product and service range to the Smart & Handheld Government products and solutions from Schweers so perfectly fits with the portfolio of Traf-tec.

Welcome our 24th distribution partner. We are looking forward to a strong cooperation and successful business.

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or visit our website at http://schweers.com/intec