TICKETMAN TM-12 for Berlin

Schweers again equips wardens in Berlin with mobile computers

In the German capital Berlin, a modern parking space monitoring is an integral part of a professional parking management. Therefore since 2013 Berlin has new and modern mobile data acquisition devices from the market leader. The TICKETMAN by Schweers is the ideal hand-held equipment to meet their requirements.

The capital once again benefited from the innovation and the experience of the German based company. Since 1994, Schweers equips Berlin parking enforcement with mobile data acquisition devices.

"I am proud to say that Berlin has chosen the innovative technology from our house again ," said Karl -Josef Ruland , executive director of Schweers CONSULT GmbH. The re-equipment of the field staff in Berlin with products from Schweers highlights the innovation and the extensive experience of Schweers in the field of parking enforcement. Overall, since 2013, used by the field staff of the twelve district offices more than 500 mobile data acquisition devices. These include not only the experienced forces, but also in 2013 newly hired employees of parking enforcement. Finally, the federal capital also has parking management and parking enforcement so that the extended parallel to refurbish prevail.

Bids were invited for the new mobile data collection devices from the IT Service Center Berlin AöR ( ITDZ Berlin). As a contracting party of the Schweers ITDZ Berlin has also taken over the project coordination between the authorities involved. When tender has been pointed out from the outset that a further focus on professional hardware and software service combined with modern project management is applied. "This is the great strength of the house Schweers , crucially distinguishes us from our competitors ," explains Karl-Josef Ruland and refers to the implementation of the comprehensive training concept in the roll-out phase of the project. "Project management on this scale, we can only afford because our employees have in addition to the technical understanding of long years of experience in parking enforcement ," adds Michael Schweers , founder and shareholder of the Company Schweers.