Politess in Turkish

Traf-tec is Schweers Politess distributor.

Like everywhere in the world also in Turkey people do not always follow the local parking rules. Well, that certainly cannot be prevented entirely. The Smart & Handheld Government products and solutions from Schweers Informationstechnologie GmbH however are well known and reliable tools in public life for Parking Enforcement, General Code Enforcement as well as Parking Services and Management.

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Schweers Benelux partners up with Centric IT Solutions

Schweers, which provides advanced handheld enforcement solutions, has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Centric IT Solutions, one of the largest suppliers of software to municipalities in the Netherlands.

The tie-up, which is initially for two years but has the potential for extension or expansion, will see the two companies cooperate to develop complementing software solutions for the Dutch enforcement market, says Rien Scholten of Schweers: “The two companies work in the same market but where Schweers concentrates on the front end of city and police enforcement, Centric IT Solutions specializes in back-office solutions.

“Both organizations will retain their distinct identities but by coming together they will de-risk future development and integration, increasing the quality of service provided to their customers.”

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