The City of Copenhagen uses iForceONE scan-cars for enforcement

For the last 15 years, Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark, turned to Schweers for help with their parking enforcement. With 13 Universities and Colleges and a metropolitan area with over 2 million inhabitants Schweers collaborated with this international destination to provide a progressive parking enforcement solution.


When Copenhagen was faced with a new countrywide mandate to eliminate paper parking tickets they again turned to Schweers. We are proud to continue our successful relationship with this historic city and have launched a fully integrated and digitalized solution. Our new solution includes 120 devices + 3 Sensen LPR scan cars with real-time integrations including residential digital permitting, pay-by-phone and LPR. Lookups to multiple 3rd party providers are accomplished in parallel and within seconds from both the devices and the LPR scan cars. Violations captured with the LPR scan cars are sent in real-time to the nearest device for fast and efficient enforcement.


"Street smart enforcement": new claim for PanStreet and Schweers International

Digitalization represents the structural change from a highly industrialized economy towards an innovation driven society and means a major challenge, but also a tremendous opportunity.

In the area of ​​parking and code enforcement this structural change has arrived too. Whether it is the use of mobile phone-based payment options or entering the vehicle license plate at ticket machine or the use of smartphones, stationary or mobile camera systems connected to the internet, in the cloud, all is or will be digital and networked.

We see our task and responsibility in the provision of networked, secure and available applications that enable dynamic, represent seriousness and the assertiveness that our customers expect from us.

Our digitalization campaign has begun and is - with our products and solutions Politess, Senforce and Ticketman - already available in 16 countries around the world.

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