Schweers Consult and B&G Kommunalsoftware are joining forces

B&G Kommunalsoftware GmbH has been founded on Oktober 1st, 1990 in Zinnowitz, Germany.

Innovative software solutions and stable customer services was what he company has been reaching out for, for the past 28 years. Innovation and reliability are the yardsticks in competition and today more important than ever.

In order to be able to fulfill this task even better in the future, B & G Kommunalsoftware GmbH will hand over its license and copyrights in the products HC-OWiG®, HC-Market®, HC-Wertstoff® and HC-Ticket® as well as its service contracts with more than 350 customers to Schweers and cease operations as of 31 December 2017.

Who is Schweers?
The Schweers Intenational with headquarters in Meerbusch near Dusseldorf has established the mobile data collection for traffic control 1985 in Germany. It is also the "father" of mobile data collection and the German market leader in this field. Their system solution Politess® is used by municipalities of all sizes, including the federal capital and numerous state capitals in Europe, as well as users in the USA and Australia.

What changes - what stays?
Schweers distributes and supports the HC products in the agreed sales area since 2012 with great success.

• The HC products will continue to occupy a firm place in the Schweers product range in the future. In addition to active sales and support, efficient development takes place, now with even more experience.
• Digitalization will be swiftly implemented with sustainable hardware and software solution concepts.
• All employees of the municipal software switch to Schweers.
• They are still available as a regional contact.
• There are now 20 employees behind the entire product range.

Thus, what belongs together grows together.


We are happy to arrange a personal meeting with you, by telephone or on site, to discuss your questions or new requirements.

Please contact with any question:

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Sales Management Germany - Peter Fehling - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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The City of Copenhagen uses iForceONE scan-cars for enforcement

For the last 15 years, Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark, turned to Schweers for help with their parking enforcement. With 13 Universities and Colleges and a metropolitan area with over 2 million inhabitants Schweers collaborated with this international destination to provide a progressive parking enforcement solution.


When Copenhagen was faced with a new countrywide mandate to eliminate paper parking tickets they again turned to Schweers. We are proud to continue our successful relationship with this historic city and have launched a fully integrated and digitalized solution. Our new solution includes 120 devices + 3 Sensen LPR scan cars with real-time integrations including residential digital permitting, pay-by-phone and LPR. Lookups to multiple 3rd party providers are accomplished in parallel and within seconds from both the devices and the LPR scan cars. Violations captured with the LPR scan cars are sent in real-time to the nearest device for fast and efficient enforcement.