Schweers Technologies upgrades Niagara Falls, NY’s enforcement operation

 Handwritten citations are replaced by a fully automatic solution featuring the new X7 handheld device.  A first in the United States, we are proud to introduce our new ergonomically designed X7 unit designed and manufactured by Schweers. The X7 is Android based with a built in 5 mega pixel camera, 3” thermal printer, 2 D bar code reader, LPR, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth.


Niagara Fall’s solution is integrated with Parkeon’s Pay by Plate Kiosks and Whoosh Pay by Phone application. The handheld queries the Parkeon server and receives the most current plate status for each license plate in question.  In addition, each plate is automatically checked against a current scofflaw list and officers are given an immediate alert if a match is found. Unlimited photos can be taken and linked to the ticket data.  The 2 D bar code scanner is used to scan the vin code which prepopulates the handheld with information about the vehicle – plate, expiration date etc.


This is a fully web hosted solution with easy access for authorized administrators from any laptop, computer, phone etc.  All ticket data is sent to Niagara Fall’s back office for post processing.


The robust X7 can meet and exceed the demands of this city’s harsh and snowy winters yet hot, humid summers.


Niagara Falls is currently visited by almost ten million people each year, with the waterfall considered one of the United States' top ten tourist destinations.


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Schweers Informationstechnologie GmbH becomes PanStreet International GmbH!

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With over 16 distribution partners in 20 countries and with strong and smart hardware and software products and services Schweers Informationstechnologie GmbH has long since grown beyond the status of a locally oriented company.

More than 27 years in the industry, 1,200+ national and international customers and 10,000+ terminals and smartphones issuing an average of  100million+ tickets per year - a performance that we are very proud of.

Our product range includes own hand-held Terminals Ticketman and Printers, smartPhones and -Pads, Apps Politess mobil and Applications for efficient Parking Management Politess Web Office, Market Stall Management and General Code Enforcement. We serve hundreds of interfaces for post-processing, data synchronization and online query.

Meanwhile, our product range also includes sensors Nedap and VMS for on-street parking and garages for traffic control systems and parking management, as well as mobile ANPR solutions SenForce (vehicle-based Automatic Number Plate Recognition).

What could be more natural than to express such expertise also in the company's name:

PanStreet International GmbH

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