Ticketman X6

Ticketman X6-11

X600 - control in the Palm of your Hand:

On-street Computing by Schweers


You´re never out of the office

The X600 combines the speed of mobile computers with the performance and convenience of desktop PCs: The touch screen allows you to write or draw. The custom designed backlit keyboard makes one-handed typing easy - even wearing gloves. Thanks to multiple interfaces, you may access the internet or exchange data with other PCs, display machines or parking meters. The X600 comes with a wide internal thermal printer, supplying you with print-outs of texts, graphics or even barcodes on the spot. No wonder it is called the "Office on the Streets".

New (optional):

•        High resolution autofocus Camera with 2. LED-Flash light X600 cam 1496 1 
•        Tilted in viewing direction 
•        Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
•        Barcode reading FUNCTIONALITY
•        Bluetooth headset supportl
•        UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA Modem
•        CDMA Modem
•        RFID card reader
•        Smart Card Reader
•        magnetic card swipe reader

You have never worked that light
Unlike other mobile computers, the X600 is not just ergonomic - it also makes use of leverages and torques to minimize the perceived weight while maximizing user-friendliness: Working with a mobile terminal has never been more comfortable.
A real service provider
The versatility and power of the X600 opens new dimensions to its users, as it will search, find, retrieve and even print data such as address files, city maps, timetables or restaurant guides. The traffic warden - seldom seen as helpful - suddenly becomes a mobile information service for citizens and tourists: A communication center right where the people are - on the streets. This not only heightens commitment and motivation between municipal employees and those in law enforcement, it also strengthens the bond between city and citizen: Help is always just around the corner.
Customer focus
Well aware that a perfect application consists of exceptional hardware as well as brilliant software, Schweers works tirelessly alongside customers to ensure that their needs are met in every respect: For instance, the X600 comes  with powerful Politess ® traffic enforcement software and easily handles a variety of other innovative applications, such as statistics, market stall and harbor fees, billing and display equipment, police applications etc.

Main advantages at a glance

•         Robust, ergonomic design

•         State of the art engineering

•         Ease of use

•         400 MHz XScale processor

•         High Capacity Li-Ion battery

•         Microsoft Windows CE .NET

•         Made in Germany


•        Parking and Traffic- Enforcement

•        Market Stall and Harbor fees

•        Statistics & Maintenance

•        Police

•        and others