Ticketman X6

X600 Technical Specifications

Technical Data

Certification: EN 55022: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for information and telecommunication technology equipment
EN 55024: Disturbance firmness of information-technical institutions
EN 61000-3-2: Limit value for high oscilation currents, input current of device < 16 A per conductor
EN 61000-3-3: Limit values for voltage oscilation and patcher in low voltage networks, Input current of device < 16 A per conductor
CE compliant


Environment: Temperature: –20° up to +60 °C (–4°F up to 140°F)
Shock resistance: Free fall out of 1.2 m (ca. 4 ft)
Water and dust resistance: EN 60529 IP64
Display: 320 x 240 dots in graphic mode, 65,536 colours, 16 bit
analogue resistive touchscreen
software contrast adjustment


Keyboard: rubberpad, 45 keys, backlighted
Processor: Intel PXA255 (X-Scale), 400 MHz


Operating system: Microsoft Windows CE .NET
Memory: 64 MB RAM + 32 MB Flash
1 internal CompactFlash Card interface
Optional ATA Flash-Disk
Power supply: LiIon 4 Ah or LiIon 2.2Ah
Additional Lithium cell for data security and protection during battery exchange
Interfaces: Infrared communication up to 115,200 Baud
Optional: PC-Card, Typ II for ATA Flash-Disk, SRAM-cards, Serial I/O-cards
Optional: CompactFlash, Typ II for ATA Flash-Disk, SRAM-cards, Serial I/O-cards
Optional: Serial Port, V24/RS232 via external connector, up to 57600 Baud
Optional: IrDA, Infrared communiction, up to 115.200 Baud, up tp 1 m distance
Optional: Bluetooth short range radio communication
Optional: USB
Optional: GPS-based position determination
Optional: SmartCard reader
Optional: GSM/GPRS-Modem
(900/1800MHz) or (850/1900 MHz)
Optional: Color-Camera (VGA-resolution 640 x 480),
16-Bit (65535 colours),Flash LED/Torch
Optional: Barcode Reader (1D and 2D Barcodes
Optional: RFID Tag readability: ISO15693, I-Code
Optional: WLAN 802.11g (54Mbit/s)
Printer: Type: Thermal
Papermark detection
Paper width: 80 mm
Printing width: 72 mm
Dots/mm: 8
dots/line: 576
Speed adjustment
Speed: max. 50 mm/s
Graphic support
Barcode support
Portrait and landscape mode
Temperature control
Single sheet support
Casing: Material: PC-ABS
Dimensions: 234 x 125 x 73.3 mm (L x B x H)
Form suitably for left- and right-hander
Weight: ca. 750 g (incl. printer, paper and batteries)
Felt weight: ca. 600 g
Communication cradle: Infrared communication, up to 115,200 Baud
Cascadeable for up to 32 cradles
Ethernet 100-BaseT, RS232 or RS485 interface available
Electrical compatibility to KCS-cradle
Suitable for left- and right-hander MCs
Mobile- / PC-Software: Politess Mobile for Microsoft Windows CE and Politess Office
Additional programs and modules
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