SenCOUNT - People Counting

SenCOUNT is a complete solution to help customers gather intelligence about people traffic flow from virtually any surveillance camera that has already been installed at their premises for safety and security purposes. Whether it's an outdoor or an indoor location – customers can be assured that 24/7 statistics on people movement in and out of their premises is collected, analysed and reported.

It is a complete people counting solution to suit small, large and medium environments including Retail Stores, Shopping Centres, Hotels, Clubs, Tourist Venues, Sporting Facilities, Museums, Libraries, Art Galleries, Universities, Train Stations, Supermarkets or Public Facilities. Some of our high profile customers using people counting include, Sydney Ferries Swinburne University of Technology, Manly Council and Bulleen Shopping Plaza.


SenCOUNT makes use of currently available CCTV cameras to count people. The advantages of the system include:

Use of existing CCTV cameras (no additional infrastructure costs or time/cost wasted in installation)
Works on standard surveillance/perspective views

Accurate bi-directional counting
SenCOUNT is a powerful management tool that provides:

Instant feedback about space utilization trends and flows
Instant access to a broad range of reports detailing patterns in customer traffic flows and trends over the Internet
Multiple user groups management with different access levels
Real-time, IP-based data collection with data import via internet
Built in database and data display tools



SenCOUNT is a product of Sensen Networky PtY Ltd