The future in your hand

As a global industry leader, Schweers has been providing advanced handheld computers into the parking enforcement market since 1988. Over that time, with the help of over 750 city authorities who have used our products and solutions in over 15 different countries we have been able to revise our product to meet, and exceed the significant requirements of this demanding market.

As any officer on the street will confirm, to be an effective on street Police PDA, it should be possible to enter data in weather conditions ranging from bright sunlight to heavy rain; and a similar range of temperatures. Once entered, it must be possible to print the citation quickly and efficiently without relying on external devices. The unit must, of course, be resilient to that wide range of knocks and scrapes it can experience in a day on the street.

With fully integrated thermal printers, camera, alpha-numeric keyboard and, of course, street resilient construction, both the flagship X600 handheld and smaller, but equally impressive Ticketman are designed to be used. A wealth of other options ensures a future proof choice.

The world renowned Politess Office system is easily configurable for installations ranging from a single officer to large cities with many hundreds. Our flexible data handling allows easy configuration of the terminals and export to many different back office systems.

Whatever the options, no system is feasible without it being reliable. With in house development, Schweers stands behind our products and our service. Don't take our word for it, just ask one of the many customers who have been with us from the start.