Schweers International have over 1,200 customers around the world. Our customers range from cities with 600 handheld devices to small villages with only one handheld.

Each customer is important. And no customer is alike. Each country and area have their own laws and habits. And each enforcement solution needs to reflect these differences. Ultimately the end user should be satisfied and supported in his daily operations.

Among our largest and most complex solutions are the following:

Road and Transport Authority Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In 2009, Dubai Road and Transport Authority renewed their 300 handheld units with the latest X600 models.

They are operating in some of the most challenging on-street conditions in the world. With extreme outdoor temperatures coupled with high levels of humidity our devices are constantly pushed to the limit and succeed.


About 500.000 tickets are issued every year, including wireless real-time checking of parking permits and photo handling. There is sophisticated data transfer scheduling in place with several different transfer configurations during the daily 24hr cycle. Using locally programmed English/Arabic software, programmers are supported by Schweers.


San Diego Airport, California

San Diego Airport is using 25 Ticketman for general airport inspection. They have integrated photo evidence and are using the 2” integrated printer.





City of Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is currently renewing their contract for 60 - x600 complete with 2 D bar code readers. They have custom mobile software that supports their sophisticated permit program. Complete with a timing procedure, a warning module and an enhanced management and reporting tool.





City of Copenhagen, Denmark

Over 130 Ticketman handhelds with customized enforcement system which includes photos, wireless pay-by-phone, tracking and alarm handling via linked GPS tracking. 




Thales and the French State

Custom design of over 450 handhelds using DSRC technology for road tolling control of trucks on highways over the entire French territory.





City of Cologne, Germany

The City of Cologne has installed more than 250 Politess handheld computers and issue about 12,000 - 15,000 tickets a day. Cologne is using different versions of our Handheld Computers all integrated and communicating with Politess software.



City of Berlin, Germany

For 18 years Berlin has chosen Schweers to find and implement parking and general code enforcement solutions for this city of 3 ó million people. Berlin has recently renewed our contract for over 500 new Ticketman handhelds with real time services.

Ethernet communication links 12 offices spread across the city. Each offices hosts between 10 and 120 handhelds. Approximately 8,000.000 tickets are issued every year.