Ticketman TM

Ticketman - 2" intelligent printing

ticketman-abcDesigned for on street parking enforcement, the Ticketman is the latest generation of rugged handheld computer.

Based on the very latest technology, the Ticketman includes all the most essential features of its big brother, the X600 such as colour touch screen, backlit alphanumeric keypad, infra red and integrated thermal printer.

At less than 500 grams, the Ticketman is the smallest and lightest handheld computer available with an integrated printer making it the ideal companion for any on street officer.
The colour camera with flashlight and torch ensures that photos can easily be taken and affixed to citations automatically. License plate recognition can dramatically increase the advantage of such a feature.
With Bluetooth as standard, a second channel can be included as an option ensuring seamless connections with multiple external devices. The optional WiFi is ideal for localised enforcement and also for many industrial applications.
Of course, the Ticketman comes fully integrated with the industry leading Politess software connecting to any standard computer via its in built USB 2.0 interface.
It may be a small package but the Ticketman is capable of big things.