SenFORCE - mobile ANPR

SenFORCE is a mobile ANPR system which consists of a computer, a GPS device, and up to four ANPR cameras. The purpose of SenFORCE is to improve the efficiency and safety of council officers charged with the duty of detecting dangerous and illegally parked vehicles and generating infringement notices. In conjunction with Politess the efficiency and accuracy of infringement processing is improved and a perfect interface to the Infrigement Processing System is offered.


Neither SenFORCE nor Politess (Web) Office makes the decision to issue tickets. Instead, these systems provide relevant information to parking officers, enabling the officers to make more accurate and informed decisions. SenFORCE and Politess also store information - photos, PDF documents and text files - on behalf of the traffic officers. This ensures detailed, reliable and accurate recording of information compared to common practice of manually photo-graphing and writing down evidential information in the form of manual notes.

The accuracy of the solution is driven by three main components:

  1. Position of infringing vehicle
  2. Time of infringement & parking duration calculations
  3. Automatic Number Plate Recognition 

To summarize, all infringement decisions are made by human operators and are subject to at least two reviews. SenFORCE and Politess provide officers with access to original pho-tographs showing the infringing vehicle both in detail and situated in the scene. The timing of these observations is determined by clocks inside the ANPR vehicle and clocks in the satellite network, with manual and automated checks of these clocks before and after each shift. Any changes to these clocks are logged by the automated time-synchronization software in the SenFORCE computer. The time & date information is automatically embedded into the photographs and is not editable.

SenFORCE is a product of SenSen Networks Pty Ltd