Heiko Stültjens promoted as Product Manager

It is our pleasure to announce that as of today Heiko Stültjens joins the Schweers International Team as Product Manager.

Heiko started at Schweers in September 2001 as Network Administrator. Very soon we learned that Heiko has a great talent not just on technology but also on communication. So soon he started working on system installations as well on customer trainings with Schweers Consult. Finally Heiko took over the responsibility for all customer support, training and installation throughout our German customer base. He was also the responsible Project Manager for major installation such as Berlin and Frankfurt. Heiko made his first internations steps when assisting Schweers Technologies in local installations and trainings for some US customers.

Heiko we has enormous knowlegde on all our products and services incl. Schweers Ticketman hand-held terminals, smart Phones and smart Pads , Politess Office and Web Office in any kind of environment and with any kind of online or offline connectivity.

Congratulations, dear Heiko, to your promotion as Product Manager and welcome at Schweers International!

Schweers signs Agreement with Sensen Networks for world-wide Sales & Marketing

Mobile ANPR is an important tool for many Law Enforcement Systems all over the world. Especially so as there are huge trends towards mobile payment and parking tickets, managers are looking for efficient ways of supporting their hand-held based enforcement team.

Sensen Networks, Pty Ltd, based in Victoria, Australia has developed solutions like SenCOUNT -a people counting application- and  SenFORCE, which is is a comprehensive law enforcement solution for councils, police and other local government instrumentalities endowed with the responsibility of managing street parking spaces and public safety. It is the world's most advanced, autonomously driven intelligent robot that automatically performs the location based orientation of cameras, infringement detection and enforcement schemes.

The system captures images of vehicle license plates, converts them into alpha-numeric strings, tags them with the time and GPS coordinates and logs them into the database as the user drives the vehicle around a parking lot or a road where parking is to be enforced. Vehicles violating road rules are automatically detected and the software generates and logs them as alerts. The SenFORCE solution also supports real time alerts for stolen, unregistered vehicles and other vehicles of interest.

This ANPR system is completed with Schweers Politess Web Office and Politess Mobile Apps as well as the Schweers product portfolio of smart hand-held terminals, phones and pads, offering a full-scale hand-held and mobile enforcement solution.

Based upon successful implementations and operations in several Australian city councils, Schweers and Sensen have agreed to also offer internationally this great package throughout the Schweers International partner network. This said we are proud to announce that, in cooperation with our Norwegian representative Autodata A.S., we have been awarded a contract by the City of Trondheim, Norway for the supply of a Parking Management System with smart hand-held terminals incl. Schweers Politess Mobile and Politess Web Office and SenForce mobile ANPR.

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